Sity is a program promoted by Aguas de Barcelona for the incubation of startups in the citizen food industry in three areas:

– Healthy eating habits
– Circular economy
– Efficiency in the food chain


What you can get


A 10-week incubation program to:

  • Develop the product
  • Specify the business model
  • Prepare to scale the project

Technical and commercial support

Different entities will support you by facilitating the development and giving maximum diffusion to your project.


You will receive financing from Aguas de Barcelona.

A collaborative workspace

In the emblematic building in the city of Barcelona, the Meridiana Dog Track, you will have a workspace with meeting rooms, relaxation areas and access to an interesting community of entrepreneurs.

What support will you have

Support from:

  1. Aguas de Barcelona urban manager of  the most basic and irreplaceable food: water.
  2. Public Administration Entities with skills in food, environment, economic and social development and citizens’ quality of life.
  3. Entities that support and promote the entrepreneurial ecosystem..
  4. Research and innovation centres with experts in the food industry.

The support of these Specialized Entities will be focused on validating the product market, accessing databases, piloting minimum viable products …


Smart Catalonia

Smartcat is the strategy of the Government of the Generalitat de Catalunya that extends the concept of Smart City at the country level to carry out a program that integrates and coordinates local and supra-local initiatives, supports companies and deploys Smart initiatives throughout the territory . Smartcat aims to turn Catalonia into a ``Smart Country that takes advantage of the use of technology and digital information to innovate in public services, boost economic growth and promote a smarter, smarter, sustainable and inclusive society.

Catalunya Emprèn

Catalunya Emprèn is a program of the Government of Catalonia that promotes and promotes public and private actions of value for the entrepreneur, to which it gives direct support. The creation, growth and success of new companies, as well as the promotion of entrepreneurship, are the main objectives.

Barcelona Activa

Barcelona Activa is the organization responsible for promoting economic policy and local development to promote the improvement of the quality of life of citizens, promoting employment, promoting entrepreneurship and supporting companies from the perspective of the plural economy.


Eureca is the Technological Center of Catalonia, formed by more than 600 professionals specialized in applied R & D, services and technological consultancy, highly specialized training, development of innovative products and services, and promotion and dissemination of technological innovation. In the field of food, Eureca focuses on the identification, creation and validation of new ingredients, functional foods and nutraceuticals to improve the health and well-being of consumers, and works with agro-food companies to produce efficiently and sustainably with leading industrial and digital technologies.


Dep. d’Agricultura, Ramaderia i Pesca (gencat)

The Department of Agriculture, Branch and Fisheries of the Generalitat of Catalonia has as main objectives the following: adaptation of the agricultural and agro-industrial sector to market conditions, the improvement of the competitiveness of rural areas and the maintenance and improvement of the environment and sustainable management of forests.

Agència de Salut Pública de Catalunya (gencat)

L'Agència de Salut Pública de Catalunya (ASPCAT) és responsable tant de la promoció i la protecció de la salut, la prevenció i la gestió de les alertes epidemiològiques i alimentàries, com de la salut laboral.

Agència de Residus de Catalunya

The Waste Agency of Catalonia has competence over the waste that is generated in Catalonia and those that are managed in its territorial scope. Radioactive waste, residues resulting from the prospection, extraction, treatment and storage of mineral resources and the exploitation of quarries, residues of agricultural and livestock farms that are not dangerous are excluded from its competence and are used exclusively in the framework of agricultural exploitation, declassified explosives, wastewater and gaseous effluents emitted into the atmosphere.

Campus de l’Alimentació (UB)

Què podria aportar el Campus de l’Alimentació de la Universitat de Barcelona a la vostra startup?

• Accés a laboratoris de nutrició i bromatologia, bioquímica i biologia molecular, química (orgànica i inorgànica), biologia cel·lular, nutrició aplicada, microbiologia i altres serveis científics.
• Acompanyament amb la relació amb els sectors productius i les institucions.
• Inclusió en convocatòries de beques de col·laboració.


Àrea de desenvolupament social i econòmic (AMB)

In terms of economic development, the AMB has the general competence to promote economic activity, promote employment and the creation of companies in the fields of industry, commerce, services and tourism resources. As a priority line of action, it has the promotion of economic activity, and promotes and coordinates initiatives for economic reactivation and job creation related to international projection, attracting investment and talent, and those that favor entrepreneurs and generation and improvement of productive territory and infrastructure for competitiveness.

Àrea de Serveis Socials de Barcelona

L’àrea de serveis socials de l’ajuntament de Barcelona adresa els seus serveis a col.lectius com son: les persones grans, l’infància i l’adolescència, la població vulnerable, la població immigrant, les persones dependents o amb discapacitat, etc. tots ells, col.lectius on l’alimentació juga un paper fonamental.

What we expect from your solution

That it solves some of these problems

  • Few fresh foods
  • Poor diet
  • High price of healthy foods
  • Poor culinary culture
  • Lack of time for diet planning
  • Scarce or inaccessible shops
  • Tools for planning meals and making purchases simple and practical
  • Difficulties in interpreting label information
  • Batches that people with few resources receive which are not adapted to their needs
  • Difficulties of vulnerable people without support for cooking and maintaining a healthy diet
  • Lack of planning at source and cooking in moderation (avoid excess)
  • Low awareness regarding waste
  • Disconnect between supply and demand for repurposing food surpluses
  • Low network density (lack of business and circuits for repurposing)
  • Difficulties in the logistics of repurposing
  • Breaks in the cold chain (conservation)
  • Business profitability
  • Management of supermarket losses
  • Lack of momentum for alternative distributors
  • Supply-demand disconnect
  • Low network density (lack of businesses, systems and networks for proximity consumption)
  • Difficulties in logistics
  • QA (quality assurance)
  • Business profitability
  • Few facilities for self-supply
    (Self-production, urban gardens, etc.)

In these groups

  • Communities with scarce resources
  • Children
  • Women
  • The elderly

  • Diseases
  • Obesity
  • Minorities
  • General population

In these areas

  • Homes
  • Markets
  • Supermarkets
  • Shops
  • Schools and training spaces
  • Businesses

  • Residences
  • Food banks
  • Nutrition-centered social organisations
  • HoReCa
  • Products

What you will receive

Each of the incubated startups will receive

An intensive 10-week incubation program

  • Specialists that will support the particular training needs of each startup.
  • Mentoring by entrepreneurs, investors and advisors.
  • Support from Aguas de Barcelona and the Specialized Entities.
  • Inclusion in the Communication Plan to ensure visibility to startups and the dissemination of their solutions.
  • Office space in an emblematic building in the city of Barcelona and a benchmark in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Participation in the
Demo Day

To be held within the framework of the Alimentaria2018 fair in Barcelona, a major international event for all professionals in the food industry. A must-see with innovation, the latest trends and the internationalisation of the sector.

Deb note of up to € 11,250, with plus free training.

Of which:

  • € 7,500 (€ 3,000 / month) to cover the costs of product development and expenses during incubation.
  • € 3,750 (€ 1,500 / month) extra for teams coming from outside the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona.

What you commit to

  • To work full time for the startup.
  • To comply with the established program.
  • Not to participate in any other acceleration program or incubators during your participation in Síty2017.
  • To grant a right of credit to Aguas de Barcelona as compensation for the incubation services provided.
  • To sign a contract that lays out all these conditions.


Some of your future mentors

Alessio D'Antino

CEO at Crowdfooding

Founder and MD of Crowdfooding, the world's first collaborative platform for the food and drink industry.

In 2015, he founded Crowdfooding with the aim of broadening access to capital for food and foodtech entrepreneurs and ever since started to build a community of innovators tackling some of biggest challenges affecting our food system.

He now works with companies of all sizes to understand how entrepreneurship, collaboration, and investment models can be used to create a more sustainable future of food.

Alessio regularly speaks and consults food company on technology and investment models to foster food innovation. Some of his recent speaking engagements include presentations at Food IT conference (USA), RoIF - Rothamsted Open Innovation Forum (UK), Food Vision (UK), Food Matters Live (UK), Agtech&Foodtech Berlin Summit (GE), Smau (ITA), Seeds & Chips (ITA) among others. He is a council member of the Launch Food Forum and a London Tech Advocate within the FoodTech chapter.

A global citizen at heart he has lived and worked in Italy, South Korea, Australia, US and UK where he is currently based. He very much enjoys connecting passionate people when not trying new forms of food.

David Tomas

General Manager at Cyberclick

Cofundador i CEO de Cyberclick, emprenedor, business angel i mentor de startups, m'agrada parlar de què fan les millors empreses per créixer, de com evoluciona la publicitat i el màrqueting en línia i de cultura empresarial i com crear la millor empresa del món per treballar . Autor del llibre L'empresa més feliç del món

Didac Lee

CoFounder of Galdana Ventures

Abans de fundar Galdana Ventures, Dídac ha estat emprenedor durant 21 anys, fundant 15 companyies (entre Tradeinn, Zyncro o Fhios es destaquen) que representen més de 400 empleats en total a tot el Estats Units, Mèxic, Argentina, Índia, Xina, entre altres.

Didac també és membre de la junta directiva del FC Barcelona, on va dirigir inicialment l'àrea digital i actualment s'exerceix com a vicepresident en la Fundació. El FC Barcelona és un líder mundial en el sector esportiu digital (xarxes socials, aplicacions, eCommerce, etc.) generant ingressos anuals de € 30 milions.
Ha rebut diversos premis, entre els quals s'inclouen els següents: (i) Premi al millor mentor europeu d'inici per Founders Institute el 2013, (ii) Enumerat per l'IESE com un dels 20 empresaris més influents menors de 40 anys, ( iii) Seleccionat per
La revista WIRED com una de les Top 100 influencers digitals europees (número 2 per a Espanya).
Didac va néixer a Figueres (prop de Barcelona), els seus pares són de la Xina i parla el mandarí amb fluïdesa Xinès.

Matt Aaron

General Manager at Valor Foods

Sourcing, development, marketing and distribution of gourmet Latin American exotic fruits and superfoods. Fresh and processed.

Focused on (and utilizing) ethical, transparent supply chains from LATAM to the United States.

Diana Roura

Founder at Impulse2Grow

Diana Roura és Economista i compta amb més de 15 anys d'experiència com a analista i assessora de startups, de manera que coneix a la perfecció els obstacles que troben les startups a l'hora de buscar i trobar inversors. És fundadora de ImpulsetoGrow, una assessoria de companyies tecnològiques en operacions corporatives i processos de recerca de finançament per a creixement, consolidació i expansió de negoci.
Anteriorment va treballar a Caixa Capital Risc com a analista d'inversions llavor i com a consultora financera a Mercer Consulting, especialitzada en el control de gestió de plans de pensions a empreses.

Francisco Badia

Partner at Impulse2Grow

Francisco Badia és advocat, ha estat emprenedor, gestor i assessor de startups durant més de 15 anys. És fundador de ImpulsetoGrow, una assessoria de companyies tecnològiques en operacions corporatives i processos de recerca de finançament per a creixement, consolidació i expansió de negoci.
El seu focus com a mentor de startups està en l'estratègia, la negociació i l'estructuració d'operacions i per ajudar les startups en aquestes àrees combina la seva experiència com a gestor, emprenedor i advocat.
És fundador de Magis Teams, una incubadora d'startups, que destaca per impulsar projectes des de fases molt inicials. És autor del llibre ``Meaningful Entrepreneurship``.

David López Gamero

Founder at Fooday

He studied hospitality in Vilamalla (Girona) alternating his studies with several restaurants, until in 2001 he joined the elBulli team. During the last 15 years, he has been working at elBulli: the first stage as restaurant manager, 6 years of which he was responsible for everything related to Ferran Adrià, and in the final stage as CTO, where he coordinated the relationship with Telefónica, in which he has been in the R & D department for 2 and a half years. Currently, he directs Fooday, a personal technology consulting company for companies in the catering sector. ``


Unitil December 13th


Until January 11th


Detailed analysis of candidates with lean startup

January 11th


The Advisory Committee will use these evaluation criteria

Until February 5th


Establishment of online objectives

Until April 13th


Presential incubation in Barcelona

April 16th


Presentation of projects

Specialists and mentors at your service during the program



Hours of personalised consulting


Hours per team

Events and group training sessions




Some startups incubated in the Sity 2016 edition

Our entry in Sity has been key to be able to make a huge leap forward with our project, both in metrics and in product development; as well as in all the aspects that we had less developed.

Miquel MascortWongo

Being able to have the perfect person for the specific need that your startup has in each moment makes you grow much faster.

Alfonso EscricheCerqana

Sity has marked a before and after of 3D Click: we have found and validated a very attractive market segment, we have adjusted the MVP to the sector, we have converted it into a marketable product and we have achieved our first customers.

Débora Alasraki3D Click

Now I have a roadmap prepared to arouse the interest of investors

Jordi LlonchSharing Academy

Highly recommended for any startup that wants to take a leap of quality in a very short time.

Xavier RuizSmartMonkey

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